Minimalist & Vintage For Summer Cabin Design

Summer cabin decoration is often considered as one of the most interesting, for it is the closest to the nature design. There are many experts that are recommending different ideas for decorating the summer cabin, but lately the best way to do that is to mix the minimalistic look with vintage decoration.

cabin decor ideas

The result is stunning and the examples are several. For instance, the Olson Kunding Architects team has created a real cozy refuge. By combining wooden surfaces with vintage furniture, they decorate a beautiful and comfortable cabin. In case you just want to change the interior of your cabin, go for the contrast between old and new.

cabin decor idea

The typical decorating elements such as horseshoes, fishing poles and canoe paddles are welcome, but make sure you are mixing them with simple and clean furnishing, fabrics in natural palette and ornaments linked to the nature.

summer cabin

The colors, which are also another important side of your decoration, should be those, which are most common in the wild. Green, blue and brown are welcome, for they are creating a really natural atmosphere. Wood in all its varieties is the main material, when it comes to summer cabins, so you can combine wood and glass for achieving that delightful design contrast.


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