Modern Lines And Functional Basics To Improve Home Décor

Modern architecture asks for modern decoration. If both of them follow the basic principles of living green, light and completely functional, the fun of creating a home filled with cool decoration lines can be extended to the maximum.

“Alligator” home project came up to help a poor area devastated by Katrina hurricane and was a financial and working effort meant to offer an alternative suitable for a US area with a great need of assistance.

modern lines 1

The panelized structure follows basic lines and the rectangular design is made comfortably private with rolling doors meant to create space.

Minimalist design, a large number of windows and the functional structure was obviously low cost but the way it was built on an extremely narrow space, surely compensates for the footprint it leaves on the environment.

modern lines 2

Trends no matter how progressive can cover a large variety of designs. Behind all of them basic lines and functionality remain stepping stones able to create exactly the same impression a house as a whole creates.

Mrs. Robinson” with a smooth light design and pretty functional, elegant drawers is the proof how a piece of furniture can cover very little space but teach lessons in functionality.

modern lines 3

Art deco is fun but so is visual impact. A clothes hanger with an out of the box look can perfectly orchestrate a modern designed house but can also focus on being a refreshing item able to improve the whole aspect of a house.

Room dividers are a very delicate issue relating to the finish of a modern architecture. We like them, we want them to offer privacy, we see the structure they are supposed to have and we choose.

modern lines 4

The main point is that functionality does not have to be dull or over worked as design is concerned. Bagigio Room Divider with incorporated light is surely impressive by its delicate appearance and functional structure.

The main point is that the minimalist design is a distinctive motive in the modern home décor. No matter how fast we may want to see it worked, it has to fit both our liking and our need for functionality.

modern lines 5

Everybody wants a perfectly designed home and everybody should have one but if modern basic is your thing, figure out what makes it functional and what exactly from it will create the dream home you expect to get in the end.


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