Bring Africa Air On Your Stylish Terrace

“Out of Africa” is still one of the most romantic movies ever made. The lovely romance that took place of the loveliest African air is surely something any woman would like to take and bury inside her heart.

If you are a fan of native designs, wide open eyes dreaming and cool nights spent on a terrace filled with Africa air then making such a dream come true is a few decoration ideas away.

stylish terraceAfrica style has been a common presence in the home decoration ever since the colonial era and since the native patterns is a huge comeback of this year, decorating your terrace using African patterns and furniture style is a very good idea.

Mainly this decoration style focuses on introducing a close to nature concept, the usage of natural fabrics, raw wood, basic furniture, cotton curtains and colorful hemp rugs.

Consider this style for a vacation home with a wide terrace where you would like to welcome your guests during the hot summer evenings because the laid back colonial style is fitted especially for older residences that the owner might want to keep looking vintage but also offer them a welcoming touch.

Colonial furniture with a white birch table on a roughly finished deck, surrounded with willow wood or rattan chairs will for sure make your guests enjoy the relaxation moments.

You may be tempted to add a touch of classic and that would be a good idea. A stylish cabinet in a matching tone with the rest of the furniture will surely make an impression especially if you pick one with antique metal details that have a “used” look.

Choose a rattan armchair or sofa decorated with a cotton mattress or pillows for a delicate island look or even a hammock to hang on the terrace’s pillars.

Pick some large luxuriant plants in pots and post them on the corners of the terrace. You can also add a lovely touch with a copper candle lantern and a wood fruit bowl in the middle of the table.

Keep in mind that all your decoration must retain a vacation country style look and such a look would be enhanced by a ceiling fan you may find for a very good price in any used electric gear shop.

Botanical details on chair pillow and terrace cotton curtains are very good looking and enhance the island air of your terrace.

The most important thing is that any items you might need to create such a romantic summer retreat are available in both new and second hand shops so you must be aware that with a bit of imagination  and not necessarily lots of cash you can create a piece of stylish African paradise.


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