Is It The Return Of The Art Deco Movement?

When one speaks of art deco, one is instantly transported to the retro look that had become so popular many decades ago, which we likely would remember from old movies.

The Art Deco movement influenced not only furniture and interior design but also appliances, buildings, automobiles, jewelry, fashion, painting, graphic arts and film as well.

art deco movement 1

Art deco designs base themselves mainly on mathematical, geometric shapes and as such tend not to look dated – in fact according to a lot of people, Art Deco is making a strong comeback in recent times; with designs based on art deco design concepts seeing resurgence and an increasing popularity.

Consider this contemporary chest of drawers which is an example of art deco furniture, but which in no way looks dated or old fashioned.

art deco movement 2

This item can grace the most modern of living rooms or dining areas, without looking in the least bit out of place.

This is a classic – The Cloud design parlor set that originally gained popularity in the 1920’s and still follows the same diminutive proportions as before, being just as popular in commercial establishments as well as in homes.

art deco movement 3

This cabinet is another classic example of furniture that follows art deco and its faithful following of geometrical patterns.

It may be the sort of thing that you saw in the faded photos that adorned grandma’s mantle but for many people today, this is something they would enjoy owning and using even today.

art deco movement 4

Consider the clean, uncluttered lines of this art deco glass table that looks as stylish and contemporary as any minimalist modern item you may wish to have in your home.

This is the sort of dresser that one can easily imagine would be used in a black and white film of the silent era perhaps.

art deco movement 5

But again these designs are currently gaining popularity and becoming trendy all over again, nearly a hundred years after the concepts of art deco first came to be.

It was thought that some of the opulence and ornateness that came to be associated with art deco design, owed itself to the peculiar sociological factor of war.

art deco movement 6

The two world wars had forced a lot of austerity and hardship upon the people, and the art deco movement was, in a sense a sort of defiant reaction to that austerity. A chair such as this is a good example of this phenomenon.

art deco movement 7

Consider a chaise or a sofa such as this one, which though clearly inspired by art deco design principles, will still be at ease in the most contemporary of drawing rooms and the most stylish of boutique hotels.


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