Make The Most Out Of The Chance To Have A Library

1. Country Mansion Style

A library is the soul of one’s home. It is also the special part of your home, where to sit and relax, surrounded by your favorite books. In case you want to create an impressive library, choose libraries in the typical country mansion style.

country mansion style

Go for wooden and stone walls, big and comfortable furniture and large paintings. Create the so called “intellectual space” with certain touch of a comfort: it can be a velvet sofa, an antique desk and even a gothic table lamp. The right colors for this matter are all kind of colors, related to the earth. Go for neutral combinations and cotton fabrics.

2. Extra Space Used Smartly

In case you don’t have enough space for your library, there is a smart decision for opening more space into the library’s area. Use smart build-in walls and furniture. It is saving lots of space, so go for it.

extra space used smartly

Place mirrors instead of paintings, for it is also adding the feeling of a space in the room. Mini-pillows and an antique table are must haves for smart designed libraries. Choose wall build-ins, in case you want to place your book smartly.

3. Scholar’s Style

The popular scholar style of a library is a style that requires lots of space. It is a library that is very proper for big mansion or houses. Wood is the main material for those kinds of libraries.

scholar’s style

The medieval touch comes from the accents in the room – place some sculptures, paintings and accessories. Another good advice for such libraries is the carpet. Go for Arabian patterned carpets, for they go perfectly with wood and stone.

4. A Drop Of Glamour

White never was the color of a library, but nowadays it is the most modern color, when it comes to libraries in urban style. Go for white palette: walls, ceilings and even furniture. The only contrast will come from the books, which is also super contemporary and stylish idea.

drop of glamour

5. A Very Comfortable And Natural Touch

Anyone knows that exactly the library is the place we choose, when we want to forget the outside world. Therefore, bring the natural touch to your library as you avoid the typical paintings, sculptures and etc. Place only furniture in an intense color and a soft carpet. This way you will only enjoy your time with your favorite books.

very comfortable & natural touch


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