Teen Bedrooms – A Challenge And Something Extra Along It

In case you are going to decorate the teenage room, there are some things you should consider. A teenage room is rarely just a simple room. It is an oasis, a bedroom and an office, therefore many experts are advising you to consult with your teenager before the decoration.

Typically most of the teens will want a dark room, but it isn’t the right thing, since the room is the place, where your teen is going to study. Therefore, try to open more light into the area.

teen bedrooms 1

Don’t go for the stereotypical colors; add more colorful details, for it is also a room for fun. The loft beds are extremely proper for this matter, because it saves some extra space for the desk or a seating.

A lounge is also a great idea, especially if it is made out of colorful patterns. Walls are surely of high importance. Forget the typical pink or blue walls; it is no longer the child’s room. Go for wall posters, wallpapers and bright colors.

teen bedrooms 2

The colorful combinations are also bonus, for they create funny ambience. You can paint the walls in two different colors or simply leave one of the walls covered with funny wallpaper.

The fabric also matters. Go for flower patterned fabrics, for they are tender and interesting. The curtains are a must, because teens usually seek some privacy. You can go for orange curtains and combine them with bright red fabrics and sheets.

teen bedrooms 3

It is a pop combination, extremely modern for the teenage rooms in a contemporary style. Neutral linen is good idea too, in case the room is accented with wooden elements. Graphic decals and adventurous stickers on the wall are perfect for rooms in neutral palette.

teen bedrooms 4

The furniture is also important. Flexible seating and floor cushions are must haves for teenage rooms, for it creates a comfortable atmosphere. The shelves and the units should be also very well planned. Give some extra space to your teenager and his favorite items.

Mirrors are also part of the teenage decoration. Place them near the bed, for it is also another way to add more space and light to the room. Paintings on the wall are good idea, but you need to leave the choice to your teenager.

teen bedrooms 5

You can also place some paintings or pieces of art made by your child. It will stimulate the artistic ambience in the room. The bedroom should be bigger and in a bright color. Check the latest collection of IKEA; they are presenting great bedrooms for teenagers.


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