How To Make A Spooky Halloween Décor?

Halloween is about to come. This is a great time to change your home décor and to turn it into real part of the scary Halloween spirit. Many designers are now working on creating fairytale décor and in case you can’t afford designer, here are few tricks how to create a Halloween atmosphere in your home.

At first, start with the accessories. Don’t forget that the right detail or accent can change the entire home décor. Go for the traditional pumpkins and ornaments that include this symbol. In case you can’t afford the expensive Halloween accessories, use the Halloween craft that your children created in school.

spooky halloween decor 1

You can add their Halloween paintings on the walls and use their craft as a part of the decorating scheme. Another good issue to consider is the lighting. Create a decorative and mysterious ambience by changing the lighting in your home.

In case you want to add some mysterious touch, decorate the rooms with mini candles. The vases are also part of the Halloween décor. Go for large black vases and place them in the corners.

Check out the nearest dollar store. There you can find lots of party items for Halloween, some of them are very proper and can be placed as accessories in your home. They are also affordable. For instance, you can place the plastic Halloween goblets on the wall and use the spider-themed plates as very proper Halloween accessories.

spooky halloween decor 2

The fake spider webs are also good idea. You can place them around the vases and your doors, as well as on some of your shelvings. It will create some scary atmosphere. The vintage accessories are also welcome.

Don’t hesitate to replace the light fabrics with dramatic and darker ones. Change the curtains with dark red ones and go for more gothic and dark fabrics. The black velvet is good, for it is creating the typical scary and mysterious atmosphere.

spooky halloween decor 3

Place some small Halloween figures. Create a corner, full with Halloween’s typical items. You can also place some old furniture for more dramatic effect. Mirrors can be also part of your festive décor.

Place candles under the mirrors and add some artificial leaves and spiders. Don’t forget to buy some artificial snakes and to place them on your doorways, as well as in the walls. This will certainly scare your guests and create a real Halloween ambience.


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