Which Is The Best TV For Your Home?

A life in the world of modern digital means also a bigger choice offer. Nowadays choosing a TV isn’t only about the quality and the design, it is about HD – sets, resolution, LED back lighting and so much more. According to a research, most of the people in UK prefer the 32- inch TVs.

Actually this is easy to explain.

best tv for your home 1A conventional room can’t take anything bigger than 32 inch, so this TV is basically the normal choice of most of the households. Of course, on the other hand the 32-inch TV should offer some options as good resolution, LED back lighting and mostly – good HD- ready set.

The 32- inch TV is also affordable as most of the TVs come for nearly 300 GBP, while the most expensive ones can be found for nearly 1000 GBP. The 32 inch TV is LCD, which isn’t the perfect TV for many people that prefer plasma.

The professionals are advising you to check the LCD for LED back lighting. The only company that makes plasmas at this size is LG. The bad news is the company is not offering them for sale.

best tv for your home 2So the next thing you should consider as a good choice is buying 37-inch TV. Luckily, this size is available with both LCD and plasma TV models.

The 37-inch TV is quite a TV for the kitchen or for small living rooms. It is not dominating the entire living room, but it doesn’t sore your eyes, for it is not so bigger.

Actually this is the most common choice of TV and many households prefer it for being conventional and not so big. The best producer of 37-inch TVs is praised to be Panasonic. Their model Panasonic TX-P37X20 is a plasma model and it comes with an affordable price. This is also one of the best selling TVs in the world nowadays.

The 42-inch TV is now called a TV for those that love home cinemas, for being big. Many people don’t like it, because it ruins their living rooms décor, but still for the people who like big screens, the best TV is the 42-inch TV. It comes with plasma and LCD models, but preferably many go for LCD, for they have modern LED TV makeover.

best tv for your home 3

As for the quality, the 42-inch TV offers the best value TVs ever. Of course, they are many options for people that love the modern technologies, but yet the best choice for a family home remains the 37-inch TV, for being convenient and offering middle range of quality.


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