Add A Bit Of Glamour With French Home Décor

The French do everything with a touch of class, and so it is with French home décor. Even if the French decide to throw in antiques, art, and modern fashion along with country kitsch together, they will end up with something that oozes sophistication. The French touch brings in a unique class of its own to any home décor.

french home decor

One very significant and prominent feature of French home décor is their painted or stenciled ceilings. Delicate use of color and patterns on the ceiling lends a unique castle like look to any room. It can be used with equal ease in the bedroom or bath as in the living or dining room.

You can vary the pattern to match the room or carry the same pattern in different forms through out the house. If you think that is going a little overboard try keeping it to a particular room. But then overboard is another word for French, though when they do it, it is chic.

French home décor can’t be put into a tight frame, you will find a lot of variety not only in the use of color and texture but also bold highlighting with golden or polished surfaces. It is very true that a French décor is not really complete if you don’t throw in some bold golden highlights in to it. Gold can be easily used in the form of bold frames or even as subtle highlights on the ceiling or the wainscot.

French home décor can use plenty of color in a single room. A well done living room can be underlined with colorful sitting area brimming with overstuffed cushions and quilted spreads. The touch of velvet on the cushions and quilting on the spread bring in plenty of texture for a complete look.

If you feel you are not ready to try a complete French home décor, you can experiment with French inspired artifacts that will take the elegance of your décor a few notches up. In fact French country inspired accessories can add a lot of charm to your rooms.

You can bring in the French countryside right into your homes with beautiful throw cushions, pillows, chair cushions, Nounour bears, tapestries, mirrors, clocks, baskets, prints, paintings, drapery, curtains, vases, holiday ornaments and every possible artifact.

Add charm with breathtaking French chandeliers, lamps, lampshades, sconces and new age lighting to the country theme décor. The French home décor needs a subtle hand and a sense of elegance to bring in class to any home.


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