How To Dress Up Your Home For A Special Event?

special eventYour child is turning two, your sister is having a baby, and it is your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! Your family is expecting you to plan all of these wonderful parties.

So, now what do you do? Planning and decorating for parties may not be your strong suit, but you want to give it your best try.

Decorating for a party can be a lot of fun. There are so many themes that you can choose from.

You can try going to a party store, surfing online for sites about parties, looking at decorating magazines that have articles about decorating for a party in them, or you can buy a book on the subject to help you.

Happy Birthday

If your child is having a birthday, you will want to first fish around and see what they are interested in now. Children have a way of changing their minds often, so it is a good thing to check first.

Once you have decided what they like, you will know what the party’s theme will be. You will need decorations for their party.  Decorations can be purchased at any party or department store [Birthday party ideas].

Party items need to include streamers in their favorite colors, plate, cups, a sheet cake that is decorated with their party theme, candles, party favors, and hats.

You may also want to purchase a banner that will say “Happy Birthday”, and a piñata for the kids to bust with candy in it.

Baby Shower

Having a baby is a happy event in anyone’s life. You will want to put together the best baby shower ever. If you already know the sex of the baby, then you will have a head start on what color the decorations can be.

Of course, it is well known that blue is for boys, and pink is for girls. There are also neutral colors that you could choose from though, such as lime green, yellow, pale orange, tan, and black and white.

Good themes for a baby shower are storks, baby booties, teddy bears, and rainbows. You will need a cake in the expecting mom’s favorite flavor.

Making your own cake can be a lot of fun, or you can have it baked by your local bakery or grocery store.

Paper products need to be purchased.  Silly games that you would like to play about having babies need to be prepared. Banners that say “Congratulations” will need to be hung. This will make for an awesome baby shower!

Fifty-Year Anniversary

For celebrating wedding anniversary, you will need to rent a large ballroom, or have a place big enough to hold several people. This event could be glamorous, down to earth, or just a simple affair.

You will need to decide if you are going to be serving dinner, or just small buffet. It is easier to get everything catered, but it can be more expensive.

If you like to cook then the preparation of the food will not be a problem for you. Tables will need to be set up, and decorations pertaining to a fifty –year anniversary will need to be hung.

Don’t stress and enjoy your party decorating, you will have a great time.


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