Making Use Of The Japanese Color Palette

apanese color paletteThere are many places where you can get inspiration for designing the interior of your home. [Home interior design]

One of these is Japan and the oriental look lends itself as it can work well in many rooms.

Make sure you do not get carried away, it is better to take certain aspects of the look rather than jam pack everything into one single space. Take time to decide what elements you like and that would be easy to live with.

The Japanese color palette is mainly neutral tones except for red, this will suit a dining room design or bedroom, as it can be a very relaxing space. A feature wall with an elaborate design could work well and there are a vast range of wall coverings now available.

Natural aspects include wood so you can use this as accents also an arrangement of pebbles or rocks. Introduce water by means of a small water feature, these can be found in garden centres or giftware shops.

Interior screening is very popular in Japan and very easy to make at home. They are also very practical to partition off a desk area or a dining table from the rest of an open plan living space.

Keeping the room clutter free is essential so use hidden storage or just keep control of your hoarding.

For finishing touches greenery in the form of plants, especially a bonsai will work well in any space.


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