Using Light And Mirrors To Add More Space To A Room

home lightHaving a relaxing home with lots of natural light can actually be beneficial to mental health.

This in turn means that our bodies will be healthier as a result.

Research has proved that there is a big connection with a person’s general well being and how susceptible they are to ailments. Feeling good about oneself can be strongly affected by your surroundings.

If you consider how long we spend in our homes it is not a great leap to appreciate that home interior design can play in important factor in our lives.

Some people are in the position to buy a property that is perfect for them but others will have to make the most of what they have got.

If rooms are small consider using light wall colours to make the space seem bigger. A few carefully placed mirrors will create an illusion of bigger dimensions and bounce around any light that does come into a room.

Use voiles at the window instead of heavy fabrics. Keep clutter down to prevent a room feeling too small.

Lighting can add to a natural feel and there is a great variety to choose from: wall lights, standard lamps and much more. Introduce some colour by using accents or possibly a featured wall.

Blue in bathroom is invigorating, green can be calming and dark reds will create a feeling of warmth, perfect for a living room.

Remember to add personal touches that will inject your personality into the space you will feel secure and happy in your home.


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