Floating Home, Sweet Home

Floating homes are always difficult to decorate due to their unusual design. Still, the floating houses are eminent for their interesting design and decoration, which wouldn’t work for a common house décor.

One of the latest ideas for these homes is turning them into an oasis of the modern minimalistic style. Wooden floors, combined with neutral painted walls will open more light in your floating home. Usually the second floor is used for entertainment room.

floating house 02Here you can use all the imagination you have and turn it into an artistic space. Create more contrast by adding dark wooden furniture, neutral linens and bold carpets.

floating house 06

The game of colors is more than welcomed when it comes to design those areas, in which you are planning to spend more time. Another good decision for decorating the house is adding more sea and marine images into your décor.

floating houseYou can combine antiques and wallpapers, inspired by sea adventures and topics, related to the ocean. For more luxury design you can also add satin linens and play with the blue color. It matches the interior with the outside environment.

floating house 01Geometric patterns are an idea that always works perfectly for the floating houses. Contemporary style and the minimalistic look are the ruling tendencies in decorating these floating beauties.

floating house interior

floating house interior 01

floating house interior 02

floating house 04

floating house 03


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