Long Island House Made Into A Perfect Home

Resolution: 4 Architecture might sound a bit different from the common house designing companies, but the decoration and the architecture they provide, are one of the best in the U.S.

In case you don’t believe this, take a look at the Zimmerman’s family house. The couple simply wanted stylish home nearby the beach, where they could spend their weekends.

long island house

The property they own is in Long Island and in 1999 it looked as a typical cottage. In 2003 Zimmermans decided they need to renovate the cottage, but in a different new design – transforming it into a beach house with a lot of space and floors.

long island house kitchenThe idea was barely reachable. The couple visited the Resolution: 4 Architecture studios, known for their “mass customization” and an innovative architecture.

long island house living roomThe experts simply added prefabricated modules to the Long Island home and changed completely the design of the old cottage. The architects started the reform of the house with recyclable materials. For instance, the whole house is made with caramelized bamboo flooring.

long island house kids roomThe kitchen is turned to a beautiful island, the ground floor is made as an open layout and the living area is spacious and surrounded by huge windows. The second floor is decorated with glass doors, wooden stairs and sliding windows.

long island house masterbedroomThe materials are oak, stainless steel, bamboo and others. Now the cottage is transformed into a super modern beach home due to the magical concept of Resolution: 4 Architecture.

long island house exterior

long island house lawn

long island house exterior 01


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