The Platform Bed – Does It Make Sense For You?

For those of us who grew up thinking about bed as always being a certain way and with springs, a platform bed may be an idea that you need to get your mind around a bit.

After all beds without springs, with just a flat, hard, horizontal surface that supports the mattress directly is something that many of us are simply not used to.

platform bedsThe modern day platform bed is actually something that has evolved from the loft bed, which was constructed high in order to offer more space below.

They may be constructed from wood or metal and models with and without a headboard/footboard are available. The following are advantages of a platform bed that you may want to consider:

A less expensive option: A platform bed may be a less expensive option, so that you can conserve your funds to buy a really high end mattress that is a more material consideration for actual comfort and therapeutic support.

They are attractive: A platform bed with its clean uncluttered lines are very attractive to look at, and may be ideal for a more contemporary, even for a minimalist setting. They are low slung and close to the ground, which also makes them an attractive looking option.

A platform bed can be as elaborate as you want it to be or it can be as plain, unadorned and minimalist as you want it to be. Minus a headboard and footboard, a plain platform bed is both sleek and attractive as well as an excellent space saver.

platform bed 1Storage options: Many Platform beds have built in storage, so that modern design is able to be combined with practicality.

Usually a storage box is situated below that opens up or the bed can even be fitted with pull out drawers that are a convenient storage [Bedroom storage] option for linen or bedding.

If it is a loft platform bed we are talking about, then this will offer options of having a desk or workstation built into its side as well.

The four poster platform bed spells romance: If there is one bed style that simply spells romance, it is the four poster and more particularly the four poster with a canopy. The canopy bed is one that is all about old fashioned luxury.

Better Stability: A platform bed is more solid and offers better stability. This is particularly true for heavier people who may find that a platform bed is more comfortable to sleep on, and to get in and out of. These beds are solidly built and may be even sturdier than several other kinds of beds.


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