Making Food Measure Up To Taste

FoodFood tastes better when it is properly prepared, so the right measurement for each ingredient in the recipe is a must.

Accuracy is also required in following a strict diet, such as one given to a diabetic or someone trying to lose weight.

For this, one wood need a good kitchen scale – a scale that’s accurate and has a large capacity, and is easy to use and keep.

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display (around $50) is one scale that’s accurate and can hold up to 11 pounds.

Its bright readout display can be pulled out so it won’t be hidden by a large container. However, the readout comes only in fractions instead of decimals; it would have been perfect if there was a choice.

Another favorable scale is the Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale (around $25). Its accuracy, large capacity (11 pounds) and automatic shut-off feature come in a lower price than many digital kitchen scales.

It comes in various colors, so it could easily blend in with the kitchen’s color scheme. The readout is in decimals instead of fractions; again, it would be better if there was a choice.

Another scale is the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale (around $75), which may be higher in price but comes with features not found in other kitchen scales.

Aside from accuracy and its auto shut-off feature, the EatSmart also has a tare function, which removes the weight of the container from the readout.

Best of all, it has a stored database of nutritional values of various unprocessed and packaged foods with which users can calculate the nutrition content of the food being prepared. The only thing users don’t like is the not-so-bright backlight on the readout display.


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