Decorate Your House With Style For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about to come, therefore take a look at your house and apply some décor changes. The feast requires not only following the old traditions, but also creating a proper festive décor.

thanksgiving decorIn case you don’t want to change the entire décor, start with the small accents. Change the fabrics with some autumn-colored patterns and the typical warm colors.

It will add a smooth atmosphere. Replace the old curtains with new ones as you choose some darker curtains in order to create more contrast in the room. The doorways also need a little change.

Go for small accessories such as the personalized autumn heart welcome slate plaque. It is a decorative slate plaque that includes autumn leaves arranged in heart patterns.

The welcome greeting is made out of plastic leaves and it creates an intimate welcome to your home.

Another good thing you can do for your home is to change the living room décor. Add some mirrors near the table and place candles under them.

The furniture also can be replaced. Go for antique furniture, in case your living room is spacious enough. If it is a small room, just add some typical country-styled furniture.

thanksgiving home decoration

A leather sofa near the fireplace is also very good idea for Thanksgiving. Get some vintage decoration, for they are perfect for Thanksgiving. Don’t hesitate to add some family portraits on the walls. It is yet another stylish decision for your festive décor. Don’t forget to place the typical for the season pumpkins on the table. You can also place some accessories that resemble pumpkins.

thanksgiving home decor

Go for soft rugs and cushions, for they add some comfort in the room. The color palette should be neutral. Recently the chocolate palette is also considered as very proper for Thanksgiving, so you can place some mini light brown decorative pillows on the sofa. The table setting is one of the most important things at Thanksgiving, so go for some festive centerpieces.

The centerpiece should combine natural elements with seasonal sparkle. It can be autumn flowers, combined with decorative rocks or candles. The candles light are also part of the Thanksgiving décor, so add some colored candle light. The silver plates decorated with some mini cupboards are very proper for the Thanksgiving dinner.

You shouldn’t also forget your garden. Use your imagination and place some decorative figures in your yard. This way you will feel the real spirit of Thanksgiving into your home.


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