Designing The Kitchen Blind Spot

The blind spot on the kitchen can be easily decorated and it can save you space. You will simply need to add some corner kitchen cabinet. They are good idea for filling the empty space between the kitchen furniture and which is more, they are proper for storage. You should decide what kind of kitchen cabinet will suit your kitchen and then research the market about the models.

kitchen cabinets

The most common corner cabinets are the 1000 mm kitchen cabinets. These are units that have a good capacity for storage. There are plenty of models on the market, but the most convenient corner cabinets represent four chrome wire baskets, which can slide out with a special mechanism.

kitchen cabinet

This allows great access to the loads and it opens some space, not to mention they offer better use of space. They are also easy to retro fit and very easy to clean. The unit is available for left and right hand doors.

single corner cabinet

Try to find out better constructed units, for this will allow you to place more heavy items. Another good idea is installing single corner cabinets. They offer better access to the storage and are easier to install. The single corner cabinets are also very good for internal storage units, for that are cheaper and easier to fit.


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