Clever Use Of Rugs Can Change A Room’s Appearance Completely

home decorationOn the whole the safest choice for the color of floors is neutral because this will blend into any change of interior decoration and last much longer than a busy pattern or striking shade.

However if you don’t want to play it too safe then there are other ways.

One trick is to use rugs, which can lift the floor just enough but not be too overpowering, they also add texture to a room and come in many wonderful designs and patterns.

Modern rugs are usually in blocks of color and are a cost effective way of updating a room if you want to make a nod to the latest trends.

Persian or oriental rugs will suit a more traditional look and are a focal point in themselves; you will find originals in antique stores or modern equivalents in your local carpet store. Bear in mind that with a good clean, an old rug can be revitalized and be a great bargain.

All store lights are very false in terms of color shade, so if you are matching a certain existing item then check it in natural light before making a decision.

Light and shade will also have a significant effect on the shade of rug you choose, for example if it is for a very sunny room, sunlight will refract from the walls and slightly alter the appearance.

Ideally the floor should complement the rest of the room and not detract from it, so choose the rest of the room decor first before deciding on the carpet. Sometimes if your house is open plan it will be better to unify the different areas by using the same floor covering in every room.

Another consideration should be the maintenance, a light cream carpet in a room used by pets and children will not look good for very long. However the master bedroom which is your sanctuary from all of the aforementioned is the perfect place to indulge and choose a thick wool carpet as light as you care to go. [Bedroom designs]

If your eye is drawn to pattern then the key is to balance it within the room or use it in an eclectic bedroom where you can indulge your love of all many of prints and flowers.

Otherwise tone it down with plain walls and soft furnishings where possible, at the end of the day it is your home and if you want busy floral carpet you are allowed.

Another great use for rugs is in defining certain areas in your house, like the dining table and chairs or a corner office space. They really are very useful so even consider a hardwood floor, softened by an array of different rugs.


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