Tropical Themed Rooms For That Warm Feeling

living roomTo help survive the longer winter nights why not have a room in your house themed from the tropics, a taste of sunshine all year around.

Obviously a single picture, maybe even from a vacation will help but why not take it a bit further.

Lighting is the key because the tropics are all about the bright rays of the sun, so if you have a windowless space then lighting will be very important.

Mirrors will help to reflect light so think about how they can be incorporated into the space.

Light colored walls will also reflect more light so consider that when planning your color scheme. After that most people will have their own interpretation of a tropical feel and look. Certain colors will mean different thing to everyone.

If you want to really go the whole way with a tropical theme then you can even buy wall sized picture murals which really bring the beach and the sea into your living room design. This might work for an occasional room but living with it on a daily basis might be hard work.

Have some green indoor plants because they will definitely help create the right atmosphere, lush is good and there are plenty to choose from, some are very easy maintenance.

A beach bathroom is the easiest, decorate with pebbles and shells, and go for an exotic seaside theme. Shower curtains and bathe towels often can have great nautical or tropical looks. Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy your new space.


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