Washer & Dryer Maintenance for Your Home

Household equipment needs regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition and to avoid any accidents. The washer and the dryer too need a regular looking after. Faulty or blocked hosepipes and valves could lead to major accidents.

The most frequent accidents are a burst hosepipe resulting in thousands of gallons of water spilling all over the home and dryers exploding due to lint blockages. These incidents not only cause plenty of damage to homes but can also lead to human injury and even death.

Washer & Dryer Maintenance

Here are a few things to help you keep your washer and dryer in good working condition.

For the washer

Replace old hoses with steel jacketed hoses that don’t burst. When changing hoses, confirm that the correct intake nozzles are connected to the correct valves. Check for leaks after all the hoses have been connected.

Check the valves and turn them once in a while to keep them from seizing. Clean any dirt that might have accumulated on the valves. Place a drip pan below the washer to catch any leaks.

Clean the filter screens routinely. Remove the lint screen and clean it. Also remember to clean the lint trap.

For the dryer

The most important factor is to keep the dryer and its vents clear of all lint. Lint blocks outlets and can easily be the cause of a burst dryer. Look for the shortest path leading to outside vent.

Cut the hose accordingly leaving a little slack. Use metal ducts instead of the vinyl duct which is flammable. Remember to secure any nozzles with foil tape (heat rated, two layers).

Vacuum the machine vent, outdoor vent and the hose before reattaching it to the machine. Also vacuum the lint screen receptacle. Make it a point to clean your lint screen each time you use the dryer.


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