An Elegant Glass Slipper? No, An Elegant Glass Chair

In 2002, he made the whole decoration for the living room and dining room of Sheikh Al-Thani of Qatar.

well transparent chairHe is one of the great designers and artists around the globe, known for his unusual and innovative style.

Ron Arad’s brand is the same brand, which decorated and designed the Maserati Headquarters showroom in Italy and the Selfridges Technology Hall in London. And if you really want the best decoration in modern style in your house, go for Ron Arad.

well transparent chair 1The designer’s latest creation is one unusual chair, which totally fascinated even the critics of his futuristic style and artistic expression. The transparent chair made by Ron Arad is named Well Transparent Chair and it is completely made of glass.

The simple design of the chair aims to be part of the futuristic and modern home decoration, which lately goes minimalistic.

There will be only 100 limited editions of Ron Arad’s transparent glass chair. The price for this piece of art chair is yet unknown.


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