Out Of The Window Into A Functional Balcony

City apartments are typically small and crammed, with rarely enough sunshine or fresh air reaching in to it. The Bloomframe® Balcony has been innovatively designed to add more light, air and space to a small apartment.

The Bloomframe® balcony is designed to look like a window frame. It stays flat with the façade when closed. It can be opened automatically to transform it into a small balcony which provides you your own open space. You can sit out in the balcony and enjoy your morning coffee or your nightcap.

The Bloomframe® balcony can be used for apartments, offices or even hotels that find space at a premium. These can be easily customized to suit the client’s need for color, different dimension and materials.

They can be customized to become a part of the façade and this way the flat façade will bloom with balconies during the sunny summer days.

This award winning product has been honored with the first place at Red Dot Design Award 2008 Duitsland, Wallpaper Design Award 2009 and also at the Audi Design Award 2008.

functional balcony 6The design also won the Bronze Spark Award 2009 and it has been nominated for VMRG innovation prize 2007, Design Award Germany 2009 and the Index Design Award for 2009.

functional balcony 5

Source: Hofmandujardin


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