Making A Small Apartment Look And Feel Bigger

home improvement1For anyone living in an apartment the key is good storage and being organized.

Use every trick in the book to make your small spaces look bigger including the placements of mirrors and painting the walls a light color.

Look out for furniture that can be stored away from a bed that folds into a wall to a dining table set designed so the chairs tuck away after use. Many beds come with drawers for storage and your coffee table can double as a chest to hold books, magazines and much more.

Do not assume that a small space should have petite furniture, often the opposite is true, and lots of little pieces will look bitty rather than a nice solid piece in the right shade. With the need for plain walls to create the illusion of space, inject color with accents, a patterned rug or cushions perhaps.

Let light flow in by using voiles at the windows and consider using a decorative screen to add privacy rather than measures that are more permanent. For those with a single room apartment a sofa bed or futon is essential and there are many styles to choose from.

Utilize all wall space for extra storage, invisible shelving means that it can look like books are floating rather than collecting dust on a heavy shelf. In the kitchen utensils can be hung from the ceiling and in the bathroom don’t forget the space under the bath.

Make sure that everything has a place from dirty laundry to DVD’s and CD’s. Before going to bed clear away so that everything is perfect, clutter attracts more clutter and in a small apartment, it will soon take over your space.


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