Where Do You Go For The Best Interior Decorating Ideas?

interior decorating ideasInterior decorating ideas are all around you; you just need to be mindful of looking for them.

Have you ever gone into someone’s home and instantly liked how it looked?

Have you ever seen a fabric or wallpaper that you really loved?

Do you have a favorite color? Do you own a special piece of art or sculpture? Do you just adore antique furniture?

Your answers to these questions, and many others, will give you lots of help with interior decorating ideas.

Many people ask “Where do I start with interior decorating?” The answer is – start with something you love and want to include in your home. It may be a rug, a vase, a painting, your favorite color, a piece of fabric; in fact, it could be anything at all that is the inspiration for interior decorating ideas.

Use your piece as inspiration for a color scheme, for a design style, for your furniture placement plan or for other pieces to include in your decorating scheme. To make your house into the home you love to be in, you need to have your favorite things incorporated into your décor.

When you visit other people’s homes, look around and make mental note of the elements that appeal to you. You might be attracted to a particular color combination or a different interior decorating idea for placing furniture.

If you visit newly built houses, or show homes, they have often been decorated by professional interior designers who use the latest trends together with tried and true decorating design basics. These are a great source of very useable interior decorating ideas for your home.

Magazines are another wonderful source of interior decorating ideas. There are numerous specialty decorating magazines with different ideas for decorating particular rooms.

Even fashion and lifestyle magazines could give you ideas for your home as they use beautiful settings for many of their photo shoots.

Magazine photographers have access to houses that you would never get to see otherwise, and even if the setting is not the main feature in the magazine, it may provide you with ideas for decorating your own home.

Visit furniture stores, homewares and accessories stores and fabric centres for interior decorating ideas. You might find a fabric that you love, an idea for accessorizing a room or a color scheme that you hadn’t thought of.

Ideas are all around you in these stores; just keep your eyes open. Keep a decorating ideas journal with you all the time, so you can jot down things that appeal to you when you see them. It is so easy to forget details if you don’t record them immediately.

When you come to apply your ideas to your own home, don’t try to incorporate too many different interior decorating ideas into the one room.

Take a critical look at your room and decide what you have in the way of furniture, art and accessories that either need to be used in the room, because of its function, or that you want to use.

Find the focal point of the room – this will usually be the largest piece of furniture, a fixed item like a fireplace or picture window, or a piece of art. The focal point will help determine the placement of the large pieces in the room.

So, interior decorating ideas are all around you. Keep your eyes open for ideas that you can apply to your own home.


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