Decorate your Living Room in Tuscan Style

In case you want to decorate your living room, there are many styles to choose from, but the bespoke classy style remains the Tuscan living room décor. It is a romantic and comfortable décor, created with spicy notes and stylish accessories.

brown leather sofa

The must haves for a Tuscany décor are: brown leather sofa, wood coffee table, throw rug, brick fireplace and wood book cabinet.

wood coffee table

Start with the walls. Repaint them in a sunny Tuscan yellow, which will create a certain contrast in the room. The silk accent pillows on the sofa are another way to bring Tuscany close to you. The paintings on the wall are recommendable, in case you want to achieve the typical Italian style.

Choose a renaissance like paintings, which will add a mystique note to your living room. The table lamps should be vintage ones, so go for the old classy table lamps. Leave a place for a wine storage, which is a must, for it is a part of the Italian décor style.

living room curtains

The fabrics should be lavish and luxurious. Go for long curtains with floral prints for this will open your living room.

You can add some sophistication by placing bronze or gilded accessories. A big mirror and candles are a good idea, for they will bring more romantic atmosphere in the room.


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