Summer Is the Time to Reevaluate the Fireplace for Winter

Only few people are thinking about heating during the hot summer months, but it is better to think in advance. Since natural gas is getting more and more expensive, you might need an alternative for it.

You have the possibility to turn back to the good old fireplace to cut a part of the winter bills. Nonetheless this isn’t the least dangerous solution. About 42% of the home heating fires involve fireplaces and chimneys.

Chimney SweepTo avoid any possible problems think about hiring a chimney sweep.

According to professionals it is advisable to clean the chimney at the beginning of winter to get rid of soot and debris still if you need to do modifications or repairs summer is the time to do it.

While cleaning the chimney, the sweep should also keep an eye out for any damage, like cracks, missing mortar or loose bricks.

The liners are also important to be checked for deterioration or cracks.

The cap of the chimney isn’t really a decorative element, but a necessity. This will keep the rain, squirrels, birds and debris out. In case you don’t have one, you should get a cap, and in case it has been damaged, you should make sure that it gets repaired.

Summer is also the time to start storing the fuel. The wood needs to dry and summer heat can serve the purpose very well.

When thinking about ‘fuel’ for the fireplace, opt for seasoned hardwood, like oak. This has to be split and later stored in a dry location for at least six months.

Resinous softwood or green wood, such as pine produce more creosote, a by-product that is highly flammable and that could build up in the chimney.

This is the time to remember the rules of fireplace fires. Write them down for winter and make sure you keep them in mind.

It is understandable that you want to produce a lot of heat, but remember not to overload the fireplace. Small fires produce less creosote. The large fires produce a lot of heat that could lead to the cracking of the fireplace.

The fire has to be built in the right manner. The logs should be placed at the rear of the fireplace on a metal grate. When lighting the fire, you should opt for kindling instead of other flammable liquids.

A spark guard also has an important role in the safety of your home. You can stop the errant embers from getting out of the firebox with the help of mesh metal screen or fireplace doors. Such a guard has a really important role, especially in case there is no one in the room.

Although it is nice to have a fireplace, the most important thing that you should be thinking about is your safety.


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