Tips for Organizing Small Spaces

Small spaces can become easily cluttered. Organizing becomes the top priority for small spaces.

So here are 10 ideas to give your mini environs an expansive look.

Tips for Organizing Small Spaces

1. Refresh

Living in a small space can make you feel very claustrophobic. Having more things than you need will make the space more cluttered than you can imagine. So the thumb rule for small places is to keep revisiting your storage and remove things that you have not been using. Make that one year. If you have not used some item for more than a year then its best to give to someone who will make better use of it. Another idea is recycling. Books, bed sheets, plastic, containers are all examples of material that can be recycled.

2. Eliminate Doors

Doors and partitions divide the space and confine your vision, making them look seem small than they are. Also, doors need that much extra space to be left open. So eliminate doors as much as possible. If that is not to be then use of sliding doors can do the trick for you. Open by day, close by night to create private spaces.

3. Organize Closets

Closets are the number one culprits of space consumption. Lighting up the closet itself will go a long way in eliminating unwanted stuff. Periodically visit the contents of your closet and remove what you are not using. A well organized closet not only saves precious space, but also time by keeping things handy.

4. Light Up

A small place can leave no room for thought especially when there is no light. Reflections happen when 3 lighting points are placed at eye level in a small room. The secret is they give different focal points and virtually expand the room.

5. Rope Lighting

Hanging lights increase reflections and the feeling of space. So go ahead and place them wherever you want – kitchen cabinet, counters and closets.

6. Mirror on the Wall

This is the most well known trick for creating space. Placing mirrors on the walls at strategic points will reflect objects and create a visual effect of spaciousness. It could be your closet door or wall décor. Choose one for each room and make your interiors look big and bright.

7. Create Contrast

Contrast is the name of the game when it comes to creating spacious interiors. Keeping the floors dark, go for light walls and lighter ceilings. Eyes always travel upwards and hence a lightest shade of the ceiling will make the room bigger to the visitor.

8. One Big Element

Instead of too many things, it is a wise idea to choose one big element that will decorate and create a niche space in the room. It will not only add glamour but also expand the space for you.

9. Long Legs

Long curtains such as the floor-to-ceiling ones will give length to the room and make it look taller than it actually is. So, with a mirror on the wall you can add length, width and depth to the tiny interior.

10. Go Dirt-Free

Maintenance is not only for large spaces. Accumulating dust on lamps, mirrors and windows will undo all your efforts to make your interior to look larger. Their reflective power lowers and so does the idea behind including them. So make sure you keep your small space free of dust.


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