10 Tick-Tock Ideas

Clocks are important accessories of any interior space. In addition to utility they also double up as décor items.

Whether you are decorating a living room or a bedroom, clocks will never go out of fashion.

 Alarm Clocks

They are timeless pieces (pun intended) of art that will only add value to your interiors. Here are 10 innovative clock ideas you could use to enhance the look of your interiors:

1. Alarm Clocks

The old time desk clocks are popular even today. You can go for the colored varieties to add a touch of contemporary. The ones that are colored white are more in vogue and gel with any interiors than the others. You just cannot go wrong with white.

2. Classic Timepiece

These typical representatives of train stations are ideal for decorating lounge rooms and office reception areas. The whole idea is that they are maintenance friendly and come with big numbers on their giant sized dials. This makes it visible even from a distance, serving utility.

3. Retro Blends

This is a rectangular clock with a black metal frame and bold markings. This clock comes with the option of a backlit LED light which allows you to read the time even in the dark.

4. Blackboard Clock

This is one piece which is most useful in high traffic zones both at office and home. If your dining area is the place where the family gathers every day, then placing this clock will serve the dual purpose of time and reminder or message board.

5. Simple and Bold

This ubiquitous timepiece is as straight forward as it gets. The contrasting dial and frame make this a great item for retro effect.  It also works as a great substitute for the usual wall art.

6. Roman Numerals

If you are an antique collector then this traditional time piece is just the thing for your décor. This old-world style is well blended with the background and uses unusual elements in its fabrication.

7. Plain Jane

Despite being simple, this clock does leave an impression with its soothing color mix. The brown is neatly set against a green background, and the aluminum hands make it look classy and contemporary.

8. Vintage Octagons

This vintage-inspired clock displays a solid frame with bold fonts that tell time. It is a perfect add on for a bright and airy interior space such as mezzanines and lofts.

9. Grandfather’s Clock Revisited

The pendulum clock was revisited by this designer who got the mixture of traditional and contemporary right in this design. The steel and glass frame incorporates the small pendulum structure in an asymmetric fashion providing depth to the whole piece.

10. Pendant Clock

This timepiece looks like a charm on a stand. It will look lovely on any desk or hallway tables. Paired with greenery and overlooking the bright exteriors are the right way to display this clock. It is my personal favorite in this collection.


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