4 Best Decorative Accents for Home Exterior

When looking for decorative elements for your home you shouldn’t forget about the decorative accents for home exterior.

The small details like mantels, shutters, door surroundings, moldings, gable vents and mounting blocks will add the finishing touches that all homes need.


1. Louvered shutters

It doesn’t really matter whether your home is made of stone, brick, siding, wood or stucco, one of the prettiest accents that you can add to your home is a louvered shutter or raised panel shutter around the windows. In case you are looking for something unique, you should opt for the raised panel shutter.

The good thing about this one of the decorative accents of the home exterior is that it has clean lines that add a special profile and that bring the windows into focus. On the other hand, if you want your home to have a more classic look, you should go for the louvered shutters.

2. Utility vents

Although this might not seem to be one of the most important decorative accents for home exterior, having the right gable vents can really change the look of your home. Besides the gable vents you will also need utility vents that keep your garage, range hoods, and foundations ventilated.

Luckily when it comes to the decorative accents ideas for home exterior there are a lot of different kinds of vents, including the ones rounded on top, square, half-round, rectangular and octagonal. It is important for the vents to blend in with the exterior surface.

3. Window, garage and door mantels

If you are thinking about symmetry and height regarding the decorative accents for home exterior, you should add mantels. There are a lot of styles and sizes to add a special look to your home. It is important to choose the mantels that are suitable for the look of your home.

4. Additional accents

Since there are so many different kinds of accents regarding the ideas for exterior decorative accents for your home, it is best to talk to your designers about the options that you have. Make sure that the mounting blocks of the light fixtures, house numbers and doorbells are covered.

Before you make a decision regarding the decorative accents for home exterior, you should make sure that you consider various options as you don’t want to regret later. Since, decorative accents usually require quite a considerable financial investment.


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