Table Decoration Ideas For The Festive Season

When it comes to table decoration ideas for the festive season you can’t go wrong with some traditional and time honored design ideas that have been around for ages and will probably never go out of style.

table decoration ideasHere are some table decoration ideas for the holidays everyone will find to be charming –

  • An evergreen centerpiece such as a Christmas wreath is an eternal favorite when it comes to table decoration ideas. To add to the look, you can add a bunch of colorful balls, some pine cones, even some candles to the center of the arrangement. Ribbons, flowers, cedar boughs and other ornaments can add to the color and festivity.
  • You can create other unique center pieces using ornate candle sticks and decorative candles. Center pieces can also be fashioned simply from an arrangement of real fruit, fresh flowers and so on; which are also popularly used table decoration ideas. You can also use beaded fruit and / or artificial flowers to create as pretty a setting, using large bowls, trays or more ornate, pedestal bowls to display these.
  • A pedestal bowl can also be used to display an assorted collection of festive ornaments which is really simple to arrange as well. These can be in different assorted colors or they can be in a single color such as silver or gold. Traditional Christmas colors of green and red also work very well for table decoration ideas.
  • Another popular table decoration idea is to place an assortment of gaily wrapped gifts at the center of the table. This can be a simple but colorful and attractive center piece for your festive table.
  • Your dishes, china and tableware are the second most important facet of the table decoration ideas. Pick patterns with holiday motifs such as holly leaf and berry, Christmas trees, plaid motifs in red and green, French horn, poinsettia, striped bows, gold filigree patter or a simple gold trim, and other winter themes such as cardinals, chickadees, goldfinch, and nuthatches. These are not only pretty and colorful to behold, they are also in keeping with the festive time of the year and the spirit of celebration
  • Table cloths, runners, and placemats are the third element of table decoration ideas which is no less important an aspect of the whole look you wish to create. If you are planning to have an elaborate center piece that is ornate and colorful, it makes sense to stick to a plain tablecloth in a solid color with a matching runner. Depending upon your centerpiece and table ware, your runner can be of a contrasting color or can be patterned as well.
  • Table runners can be an excellent way to create an interesting backdrop for your table decorations. So, be creative and unusual; you may be surprised at the interesting table decoration ideas that you land up with. Choose from traditional colors such as red, green and white, or from less traditional but equally elegant colors such as gold, silver, and so on.


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