Home Decoration Trends for 2011

In case you want to decorate your home in a modern and trendy way, here are the hottest trends of the year. The designers recommend the usage of bright colors since they refresh the home décor.

The textures are back in style. The 21st Century Classical trend is all about mashing up styles. In case you want to achieve this style, all you need to do is to mix the traditional home décor with contemporary details. For instance, the traditional tables become really surprising, if they are colored in an unusual color.

home decoration trendsThe classic urn should be enhanced with metallic handles for a more contemporary look. In case you want to add more vintage look to your home, go for the trendy vintage vibe style. The vintage vibe is a trend that represents a retro style mixed with elements of futurism. Place some old photos on the wall and add a steam punk lamp nearby. This will create a vintage corner, which will give a classy and elegant look your home décor.

Play more with the textures. Don’t forget to add something from the 40`s glamour. The luminescent look will help you in this matter.

Glass is also a recommendable material, in case you want to insert more vintage accents in your interior. The white cotton fabrics can help you create a vintage feeling.

In case you are not a big fan of the vintage look, go for the tribal wisdom trend. Leather furniture is in vogue of late. A sultry red leather coach can work miracles. The living room can be refreshed with neutral leather furniture and a small classy table. The leather furniture looks expensive and luxurious, and hence would be a perfect choice if you want a more lavish décor.

The green colored wooden furniture is trendy too. Place them in the kitchen. If you are living in a small house or a flat, go for contrastive accessories.

home decoration trends 2

They are part of the ethnic trend and look gorgeous when combined right. For instance, African drums and Mexican tea sets can add slight ethnic accents to your interior.

The ethnic fabrics are welcome too. Place some ethnic patterned fabric on your old sofa and you will see the effect. Add some leopard patterned cushions and the whole room will be changed.


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