Red – But Not In Its True Form

Color is a big event in interior decoration trends in 2009. There is a combination of sizzling hot colors like red, blue, purple with natural simple colors like cream, sky blue, yellow to give an elegant and warm touch of life to the interior.

Red is the color of confidence, boldness and so using red and its shades inside the room needs attention and perfection. The year 2009 was predicted to use far eastern oriental sweet but vibrant colors to paint the canvas of walls. Simple clean shapes of bold vigorous colors like red, copper, brown, purple are getting life with simple natural shades of cream beige or white to soothe our eyes in the trendiest of the decoration styles.

christmasworld09Splashes of red, orange, maroon will do wonder in the living hall when its background is painted in shades of global powerful colors like purple, golden, pink and red.  The windowpanes go best with neutral colors and covered by curtains of floral designs or simple geometric shapes using brick red, olive green or navy blue. Paintings or wall hangings in simple geometric shapes or fine floral designs with live catchy colors will stamp the house interior uniqueness.

The sitting arrangement in the living should best use off-colors like cream, white. Leather cover is up and running this year. Cushions, throwing curtains in proper contrasting or matching shades of red, copper, brown and purple are perfect when used for a family.

christmasworld0910A mix and match of styles and ages are ready to be experimented and combining traditional fabrics with lace, linen or silken luxury speaks of one’s persona. Wooden flooring with heavy curtains, steel framed or paned side chairs, large vases of earthen color, thick rugs or carpet as desired for floor cover are high.

This is the trend for painting one’s wild imaginations with vibrant shades of red and giving space to combine vintage furniture with modern day luxuries, for an ultimate touch to liveliness.

Source : Athome Kimvallee


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