A Mathematical Pattern for a Fantastic Curtain

The idea of an unorthodox curtain came from the bright idea of a mathematician passionate about interior design.

As Math is considered the universal language capable to connect the most uncommunicative parts of the world, it is only logical that an ASCII code would be used to bring nature inside a smart curtain.

The grey city life misses the breath of nature, the sound of wind in the tree branches. A shadow curtain having drawn a tree branch by no other means than an elaborate mathematical code, leaving the sensation that behind the window lays a beautiful forest not the concrete and steel buildings we all dread to see, seems the right idea for a new and intelligent home decoration.

When Nienke Sybrandy, a Dutch designer, created the ASCII language code to bring to life a live tree shadow with all the beautiful details only nature is capable of, the interior decorating stepped into a whole new level.

Imagine only the applications that could follow in prints and colors, the magical sensation of bringing nature inside our homes, the smile on our faces after a tiresome day inside a grey and impersonal building.

Maybe the nature itself would judge something like this as fake, but the amazing part is always there to remind us, that originality and amazing actions can link the most complicated science to inherent beauty.

Source: Inventor Spot


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