Fashionable Furniture Of Outstanding Beauty And Class

This amazing piece of furniture is not just fashionable but also very practical. The sliding doors can be changed to suit your mood, décor or even season. From a fabric finish in floral print to chic timber finish in brown.

The timber finish with geometric designs is especially enchanting when the light catches the circles as a person moves across the room.

This modern design is inspired by an antique technique, the marquetry. The sliding doors have been used in the modern context by using a bold floral print and also geometric designs on the timber finish. This Vissy Credenza by Frag Woodall is finished with two-pac polyurethane, giving it a highly reflective surface.

The fruit bowl atop this credenza is designed as a part of this fashionable furniture. It makes one wonder if the fruit bowl is morphing into the credenza or if it is vice-versa. When flowers, fruits or anything else are placed in it, the high gloss finish reflects it back making it a design statement. The effect is similar to the reflections seen in ceramics.

An elegant and stylish piece to add charm to the décor, this credenza is a beautiful modern interpretation of antique carpentry and ceramics. Choose it to add some glamour to the drawing room, lounge, lobby or even the bedroom.

Source:  Decodir


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