Poor Home Sales Mean You Can Be Adventurous With Your Designs

interiors designIn pre-recession years every house looked the same, plain neutral tones that people were advised to use, meant that your potential buyer could imagine how his family could live in the space. A home was for selling not for living in.

Now that you have begun to realize that you won’t be going anywhere in a hurry, the possibilities are only limited to your own imagination.

It no longer matters either what the neighbor’s think and the realtor knows to keep his mouth shut.

With every stroke of the paintbrush that old world of cream and blandness will be gone, replaced by warm reds, sunny yellows and restful green. It might take a while to adjust to such freedom, but inspiration is everywhere and you will begin to build up a picture of how you want your home to look like.

From books to public buildings, homes of friends and family, interiors magazines and the internet are all great sources. If you have a favorite picture, take colors from it, if you love vacations by the sea, introduce a seaside theme into one of your rooms. [Color Schemes]

Texture is as important as color so have lots of contrast, old jumpers make great cushion covers and cheap voile curtains can look stunningly simple at a window [Purpose of Curtains]. If you love everything that glitters, you can still embrace the bling, but just in smaller quantities.

Do not forget classic design, which is a good investment and will never date, these are the pieces that will be handed down through generations; they work in every space and will definitely be making a comeback.


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