Let the Nature Speak from Your Indoor Design

Why to go outdoors from the indoors, when you could simply bring the outdoors inside? There are a lot of people who feel like the elements of nature refresh the look and the atmosphere of the home, and so it might be a good idea to give it a try. Here are some simple items that could make all the difference for your home.

In the case of the bathroom you can consider as a nature friendly solution, a simple freestanding bath tub, for example, made of teak. Although the look is really simple, you can be sure that it will add personality to the room. The look might be completed by a wooden screen, bath mat and a stool.

Indoor Decoration

Colors will represent an easy way to bring the freshness of nature into your home. There are numerous colors and hues to use ranging from olive to lime. It might be a good idea to add a green chair to a light room. To have the perfect effect, combine vivid colors of green with white colored walls.

Contrast can also be a good idea to use when you want to realize a nature inspired home. You could be thinking about items of different hues of brown and in the case of some pieces of furniture you could opt for the rough-hewn timbers. Although at first this might seem a little out of place, you can be sure that the look that you will achieve will be exceptional.

Bring leafs into your home. Naturally you don’t have to think about actual leafs that you would have to change after a while, but more likely use the leaf pattern.

You can opt for wallpapers that have this pattern. Also there are numerous decorative items that you might be thinking about, like porcelain branches or leafs of different colors.

The color and the texture of the elements of nature will bring you the look and atmosphere that you would like to have. You might recreate mosses, grasses, lichens, and also ferns. Do so with the help of textiles. You could get a rug that has the look and also the texture of grass. Complete the look with the help of grain-rich furniture.

The shapes of the furniture can also make a difference in the look of the room. Try opting for those kinds of furniture that have soft curves that remind people of leaves or the lines of foliage.

You have the possibility to use the modern looking items, and still keep the natural feeling. Of course the color also counts in this case, and you can always consider introducing the green hues in your home. The pattern of the rug also counts, and in case there are no other patterns in the room, you could go with the leaf pattern.

The decorative elements that you can use also include vases. It is a wise idea to choose green vases and to make sure that they always have some fresh flowers in them. You could also get some decorative butterflies installed on the walls to offer a fresh touch of nature to your home decor.


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