Inspirational Decor Ideas For Child’s Nursery

In addition to ensuring your child is happy in his/her environment, decorating a nursery means finding a theme that suits the theme of your home and economizes on space.

While the focus is on a soothing, pleasant environment, everyone has different tastes and ideas on how to put it together.

Dealing with a child who is unaware of how to match his/her imaginative tastes with the overall theme of an ordered home could also present problems to the décor-conscious parent.

Before selecting and buying furniture for your child’s room, decide on a colour you think would suit your child’s personality best, then set about selecting a cheerful nursery theme. Nursery themes, ranging from cartoon characters to virtual playgrounds, are as endless as the minds which dream them up.

Furniture: Start by selecting bedding to reflect your child’s individuality. Choose a base colour to match the overall theme of the bedroom and expand from there with cartoon characters or small prints which marry with wall colouring themes.

While bright colours are cheerful and stimulating, ensure there are plenty of softer pastel colours to keep the tone soothing and nurturing.

Age: Because children grow up so quickly and their developmental phases change rapidly, cut decorating stress by choosing a base theme that will suit a child of any age. Have a good stock of plain-coloured bed linen and towels which you can use for any age, and complement with nursery themes for different ages.

Divide your children into age groups: 5-7 yrs, 8-10 yrs, 11-13 yrs and 14-17 yrs.  As they get older, children tend to interact more, which is reflected in the bed linen and curtains they choose.

While younger children may be over-stimulated by too many noisy prints, cartoon characters and superheroes start to take centre stage as they near school going age.

Focal point: Choose one dominant item – a wall hanging, poster or bedding, to reflect the main theme of the nursery. Then ensure that it complements, as opposed to clashing with, the rest of the nursery.

For example, if you have decided to kit out a room for a princess, get a headboard in the shape of a castle and bedding with fairies and princess.

Noise control: If the room of a neighboring apartment or house is someone’s living room, the noise may distract concentration or a good night’s sleep. Cover the wall with a heavy fabric or artistic décor which will absorb the noise.

Exterior factors: If you have a bright light or electric pole outside the nursery window, eliminate negative energy by keeping curtains closed or use a reflective film on the glass pane to deflect negative energy back to the source.


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