Have A New Space To Decorate From Scratch? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Start The Process

living roomMaybe you added on a room to your house or maybe a room just opened up due to a child or parent moving out.

Regardless of the reasons for your new open space that needs decorating just be thankful because starting from scratch and decorating a room can be so much fun.

Once you determine what kind of room you would like this space to be, you can begin by making it special and giving it character. If you have decided this is going to be a living room or additional living space area consider giving it character by adding big and long curtains that are stylish and demand attention.

Consider vases full of flowers you can buy at any home interior store. The flowers are priceless and will remain for as long as you like this décor.

If you have decided this is going to be a home office, den or library consider making a theme with photos from family and past vacations. You can create your own artwork wall and picture gallery or even your own collage.

Put together pictures and postcards and plane or train tickets from past vacations, trips and family reunions and maybe put them all in a frame together.

Black and white photos would look really nice and give it an old fashioned feel. Black and white would give your photo wall a vintage feel.

If you are looking to make a home office, make it as much like an office as you can with just a few hints of home and coziness to the home office. For example, a plant or vase with flowers or maybe a candle would be nice or even just a few pictures of your spouse or dog.

If there are French doors going into the room, consider covering them with curtain that is dark in color. You want to completely separate your home office from your home.

Maybe you have decided to make this new space a guest bedroom in which case you should start with the bed and the window treatments.

Big and bulky curtains can completely change the feeling of a room so think about setting your mood with curtains and great window treatments.

Also consider an accent wall of a daring and bold color and have your bedspread or comforter only have hints of hues of that accent color. Hang wall sconces with candles throughout the room at different heights.


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