The Bonus Storage Space in Your Bathroom

In case you haven’t decorated your bathroom, here are few smart ideas how to decorate it and save some extra space for your bonus storage. The bathroom, just as any other room requires additional space for storage. In case your bathroom is too small, you can’t place some built-in lockers for each family member.

bathroom cupboard

The smartest thing you can do is to use a vinyl pocket organizer. You can hang it inside the linen closet and place some hold band aids, medicines, thermometer and anything else that can fit in there.

bathroom cabinetThere are also vinyl wall organizers that work the same way as any painting, but offer some extra space for your cosmetics.

Recently the small round wooden tables are very modern for any bathroom, for they also offer enough space for your pills and cosmetics. Make sure you cover the table with a tablecloth; else the bathroom moist will ruin the wood.

Shelves are another decision to fix the space problem, but you should build them above your washer or dryer. This space is usually wasted; therefore you can use it without any problem.

The enclosed cabinets for the laundry supplies are also a good idea to save some space.

The traditional bathroom style offers lots of empty space, which remain wasted. You can install shelves to set on the tank of the commode, for it is a great space to use.

The so called hanging shelves are perfect for bathrooms, for they slip over the shower head.

There you can place shampoo, conditioners and razors. Use shallow overhead shelving at the end of the bathtub, in order to store some body lotions, bathtub showers and so on.

A cupboard of armoire with hidden storage space is a good idea for large bathrooms. They are adding some warmth to your bath.

bathroom cabinets

The bathroom cabinets are important to be functional, not only modern. For instance, a bathroom storage cabinet that is mounted on the walls is another way to get more storage space. The bathroom cleaning supplies can be stored under the sink in a handled tote. In case you need some colorful accents in your bath, place some decorative storage items that will refresh the bathroom interior.

The towel bars are great idea, for they save space and are very handy. Install them on the wall, in order to free up some more space. Go for laundry baskets and containers that can be placed in the corner.


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