How to Decorate for St Patrick’s Day?

After attending a mass or the official parade, it may be a very good idea to throw a party for St. Patrick’s Day.

These parties are all about, music, food and drinks and for sure you would have a lot of fun organizing the whole thing.

Decoration on St Patricks Day


The most specific colors of St. Patrick’s Day are orange and green.  According to this, you should have orange napkins and an orange tablecloth, some orange and green balloons, colorful paper plates and you could also use some posters with the most well-known symbols like shamrocks.

Buffet table

The food that you serve should also have a green color. You could be thinking about the foods that are naturally green, like peas, but you also have the possibility to add some food coloring and this way you will only affect the color, not the consistency or taste. People enjoy having green cakes, beers and ginger bread.

Shed some light

At a party of this kind, you don’t necessarily have to use your regular bulbs, but you could opt for green bulbs. To save some money it is also a good idea to use green Christmas lights. For an even softer look, go for green candles.


As part of the decoration, use some confetti in the shape of small shamrocks. Place some on the serving dishes and tables. Since the paper confetti could be mixed with the food, it is better to choose the ones made of plastic.


To make sure that the party will have the proper feel, playing some Irish songs will be a good idea. Another option could be to watch traditional Irish dances.

You just need some music for the ambiance so it doesn’t need to be loud. It is even better if you know someone who can play the bagpipes and could offer a short show.

Banners and posters

The guests need to have the proper mood for the party, and this could be achieved through banners and posters showing Irish sayings and limericks. These don’t have to be complicated, just write with big, readable letters the sayings that you like. During the party, these could be used as sources of inspiration for toasts and games of charade.


There is a lot that you could use a blanket for, such as covering the sofa or using it as a curtain to enhance the feel of the party and to make the lights more visible.


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