Shaker Style Kitchen – How to Get One?

Shaker style kitchens started to earn their popularity again in the past few years. The design of a shaker style kitchen is minimalist but beautiful at the same time.

The concept is focusing on usefulness and the purpose to create a cozy atmosphere that feels spacious. This style can be approached in two distinct ways – one is the more traditional way while the other is a bit more contemporary modern look. And eventually a mix of both.

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Shaker style kitchen explained

Regardless which design route you want to take, just focus on practicality in order to make your kitchen fit your lifestyle and personality. Shaker designs are eliminating fancy curves and futuristic profiles. Everything seems plain, the doors are square paneled and the edges are well defined.

The reason shaker style designs are made to be practical is that they resemble rustic designs – and you know what, people were actually eating at home back then.

How to get the traditional shaker style?

The basic elements of rustic kitchens were a sturdy table and spindle chairs. You can find those spindle chairs under the name of Shaker chairs. They are very comfortable because of their tilting feet. In traditional designs, we can place these chairs in opposite ways so it encourages light talk in cozy kitchens.

Maple shaker cabinets are also well known for their practicality. These cabinets can be built into the wall and the drawer sizes can vary at all dimensions.

To further enhance this rustic-style, we can opt for colonial style chandelier dining room lightning fixture or other elements such as lever faucet that is not glossy or anywhere near catchy. Preferred worktop materials in these designs tend to be pine and maple.

Taking a glance at modern shaker style design

If you want to design your kitchen shaker style but still maintain some elements of contemporary twist then opt for modern designs – handles that are sleek and glass doors on the units. Add colors that do not resemble to traditional wooden elements and you’re already feeling the balance leaning towards urbanism. These days glossy finishing elements coupled with colorful shaker doors are increasingly popular.

The material of countertops tends to be granite as it’s one of the most popular choices. The choice of colors plays a big role in shaker style because they can either make the kitchen cozy or not. You should use contrasting colors that make your eating spaces and cooking areas stand out.

The walls should be neutral and relaxing. Any newcomer entering the kitchen should first notice the shaker units not the striking colors.


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