Contemporary Decorating Style for Your Home – 8 Important Elements

Though it can be tough, decorating your home in contemporary style gives an elegant look and feel for your living space. Basically contemporary decorating style includes open floor plans, light filled spaces, minimal furnishings and uncluttered spaces.

contemporary decorating style

Perhaps because contemporary decorating style embraces cleanliness, it will always draw comparison to simple approaches to enlighten space differences and modern styles. Many of you might like this particular style of home decorating, but lack proper guidance to carry it out.

Here are few important elements of contemporary decorating style to help you out:

1. Accessories

You don’t have to add lot of decorative pieces and extras for contemporary style. If you are interested to add some flair with decorative accessories, ensure that they are quite simple and elegant and match with other accessories of your home. Remember not to clutter the contemporary style living spaces with too many collections or pieces.

2. Color of your home

Neutral colors and black and white are the main colors that give your home contemporary look. The color combinations that you use for interiors must be often punched up with bold and bright colors.  More often black is used to define the contemporary style.

3. Lighting

Lighting is extremely important consideration for contemporary decorating style. So, carefully choose light fixtures and faucets for your home when you think of contemporary decoration. Nickel and glass pendant light will be fabulous for dining room. Recessed and track lighting help to wash walls of your home in light.

4. Furniture

Geometric shaped pieces with smooth and clean finishing will be apt. Upholstered furniture should be covered with neutral bold or black fabrics. If you use wool, silk, cotton, linen and jute, it will add natural look and also textural appeal for your home furniture.

5. Fabrics

Fabrics of your home should be plain and need not have many patterns. Solid colors are usually suitable for contemporary rooms. However, if you are interested in adding textual and visual interest, you can go for fabrics that are not jarring, but have depth.

6. Floorings

Bare and smooth new floors like polished concrete, vinyl and also stone are quite helpful to give contemporary look. However, the low pile of carpets and old hardwood floorings also are effective.

7. Windows

Don’t apply any fussy rule for windows. Like other aspects of contemporary style, try to keep them simple with straight lines. Even the window treatments should be simple without any sophisticated decorative touches.

8. Plants

Plants will certainly add a burst of life to the contemporary decorating style of your home. If you place them in large containers, it will add more drama to your room.

Select large blooms that have big leaves. If you have enough space around the plant fix upward focusing lights. You can also cover the dirt with smooth and colorful marbles.


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