Window Shades From Simple To Exquisite

Bored with the plain window shades that have no identity of their own but daren’t spend too much on the exclusive stuff?  How about some exclusive window treatments that don’t cost the earth?

All this and more is all yours even if all you can afford are the $12 window shades from K-Mart. The secret ingredient is an inexpensive trip to your craft store and plenty of creativity.

window shades

With some heavy duty drapes and a dash of ingenuity there is a lot you can do to add pizazz to plain old boring shades. Here are three of the many things that can be done with them.

Window shades can be made personal with a unique message on them. It could be something as simple as a good morning or good night or a favorite quote or saying. You can choose your favorite phrase or word.

painted shade

Before you embark on this personalization program the things that you will need are roller shades (of course), tape measure, Gaffers tape (chose from various colors available), scissors, rulers, small paintbrush, floating medium primer, acrylic paint (craft) and alphabet stamps (foam).

Make a striking border for your shades with the help of the tape. You could leave equal space all around to form a sort of frame for your message. Apply the primer to the area where you plan to write your message. Use foam stamps dipped in acrylic paints to stamp out your message. You could aim for perfection but imperfections just add to the handmade charm.

Another makeover project for your window shades could be the use of fabric. You could pick up any kind of fabric ranging from prints to stripes, to bolds or whatever pleases your eye.

window shade

This fabric can be carefully pasted over the shades to give them an exclusive designer look. Remember to include an extra couple of inches all around when you cut the fabric according to the size of the window shade. Iron out the fabric to get rid of any wrinkles or folds that it may have before you paste it on to the shades.

You could do a similar thing with wall papers too. Instead of fabric you can pick up a wall paper. Remember to use wall treatment adhesive with the help of rollers and yes the adhesive will go all over on the shade in one go. Be careful and avoid trapped air bubbles. This works best for windows that need shades of width 27 inches or less, unless you are sure about being able to match the print.

It is difficult to roll up the treated shades so it would be better to use this technique for shades that don’t need to be rolled up too often.


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