Bold Colors – The Perfect Accessory for Modern Home Décor

What would you answer in case someone asked you what is that one thing that brings a room to life? Tough one, right? Well, the most appropriate answer would be the colors.

You might have everything that you wanted in the room regarding the color of the walls, the furniture and everything else, but for some reason you may still feel like there are some things missing.

The easiest way to make the room alive is to add some colors. Maybe you are not one of those people who are very daring and don’t mind using bold colors. However you can be sure you will find that you can have fun to experiment with colors.

Bold Colors

In case you feel like you don’t have enough creativity, you might help yourself with a small drop of …orange color. It has been proved that this color stimulates the creativity of people, and in the same time it stimulates appetite, making it the perfect choice in case of the kitchen.

One of the most popular colors in case of the bathroom is blue. This color offers a calm setting and it might be very well spiced up with a little yellow. It is a really simple combination, and it is just perfect for the future bathroom that you are planning.

In case of flower pots a lot of people opt for the terra cotta color, but you could also get pots in the color of gold, and this adds a little life to the entire surrounding. The advantage is that gold matches really well the green color of the majority of the plants.

Regarding the kitchen, orange isn’t the only bold color that you could opt for in case you are looking for a really spicy combination. Consider red with silver. You might add red patterns to the wall, while the silver might be represented by the color of the kitchen utensils, machines, or even kitchen containers in which you like to keep your kitchen supplies.

If the walls that you have painted are white, it might be really useful to add something interesting to the room, unless you want it to look like a medical cabinet. Add a focal point that catches the eye, and a really good solution might be to add a little green.

The intimate spaces are most of the times begging for something to add life to them, and the color that might get this done instantaneously is red. This is known as the liveliest hue of the color wheel, and besides bathrooms it might also be used in living rooms and in bedrooms.

In case of the dining room you might add some blue items that would break the monotony of the rest of the decorative elements, and in case you feel like this isn’t enough, you could also add some violet elements that would accentuate the effect of the blue.

A really ‘happy’ combination is the citrus green with turquoise, and there is no better place for such items than in the bathroom. Also you could add some white items to create variety.


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