New Storage Furniture to Keep Your Home Uncluttered

Decorating your home with the right furniture gives it the exact look that you long for. Most of the home owners indulge into buying their heart’s content as part of their home improvement plan and as a result end up in cluttering the rooms.

However, the ambiance of your home reflects your style and personality and cluttering the space with all the items surely spoils the purpose of your home improvement. Storage cabinets and wardrobes which play an important role in your storage strategy come as a rescue in this case. Quality storage cabinets that are made of different materials suit the individual’s specific needs and also help in de-cluttering your home.

In addition, they can also be used to secure your valued possessions such as jewelry and the likes not to mention the ease they offer to storing your clothes and accessories. All you have to do is do some research before buying one so as to assure yourself whether or not you are going to have the perfect storage cabinet that meets all your storage needs while also improving the looks of your home.

Once the research part is over, all that is left for you to do is find that suitable place where you can show off your new possessions while also securing your belongings. Displayed here are few such sets ideal for storage and that also help you in organizing your home while going well with your other furniture.


This Drift cabinet from Vitamin gives the delusion that the cabinet are drifting away. Actually some of its several units are fastened to the wall but they typically give the impression they are and are falling away.

The compartments of this white high gloss lacquer finish cabinet are of different sizes and different shapes to accommodate an assortment of items including books, vases or photographs. It also has ample space so that you can even house your media center in it.

oyster wardrobe

This Oyster Wardrobe from Xobo design is a truly space saving idea and it includes different individual moveable pieces which are practical and multi-functional while also being simple. It also functions as a room divider and is suitable for creating separate spaces. It is made of plywood, plastic laminate, rubber, metal, and plexiglass.

Cappellini Storage Cabinet

This Cappelini storage cabinet series is made of matt lacquer in two stated coupling of various reflecting colors and the cabinet provides easy movement.

Not Riddled

The Not Riddled cabinet from Steven Holl features diamond-shaped doors that open and close without the need for hinges. It is shaped out of a sheet of fabric-wood with small laser incisions.


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