Recommendations for Casual Living Room Furniture

Global furniture trends that are being introduced to the furniture world are subtle and yet exotic too. Furniture designers these days are trying to fit in global influences to the furniture as a result of which new furniture designs and trends are seen which are simple or exotic while they serve multiple purposes.

Most of the people are opting for furniture that provides style and comfort while being low at maintenance cost. Another advantage of this kind of furniture is that it is durable and also it can retain the fresh look for longer periods.

Nowadays furniture made of wood and mixed with glass, metals and fabrics is the latest trend. It gives a complete look and sometimes the wood is even mixed with unusual materials for giving a transformed look to the furniture.

Here are some of the modern furniture designs that are sure to provide you comfort and reliability at your home.

Wing Table

This Wing Table is a variation of several ideas and it also has something about counterintuitive here. It is completely different from the traditional tables with the ambiguous absence of the flat mirror-surface that is familiar with most of the tables.

Re-loved Panton Chair

This Re-loved Panton chair is designed by Chris Bosse from LAVA.  The chair reflects a classic design that reflects the latest trends in designing and manufacturing of modern furniture. It is the first organic, freeform, moulded piece of furniture.


This stool named Trapezoid is a light weight one that can be easily stacked in a convenient way. If you own a set of this stool, you can easily stack one over the other laterally to save some space. The bottom edge of the stool is curving to give it some extra support on smooth floors and the concave effect it boasts gives it the extra strength. It offers users various ways to sit and also to arrange them within the available space comfortably.


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