Learn to Use Artistic Dyeing in Home Décor

Dye can be used on many things in your house, when it comes to decorating. You can use it on fabric, for things like pillows or blankets, on napkins and, of course, on your walls. Here are some dyeing methods using different fabrics, so you can decorate your house in an original way that represents you.

First of all, you have to know the basic steps of dyeing. Use your brush clockwise, from top to left. You can use an artist’s bristle brush or a foam brush. When it comes to tie-dye, you have to gather all your fabric into bunches and fix them with several elastic bands. Avoid synthetics for they will cause a bunch of unpleasant surprises.

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Put them in dye, rinse and after that squeeze them with the elastic bands on. You have to remove the elastics only when you hang them to dry. When you dye fabric you have to partially place it into the dye bath. To get a gradation of color, apply the dye using a spray bottle.

When you want to have a lighter color, add water in the spray bottle. If you want to make a pattern, there is an ancient technique in which you apply a substance that looks like wax, called resist, on your fabric and then immerse it in dye. After you’ve rinsed it machine-wash it so the resist will be removed.

There is also a Japanese technique, in which you place your fabric across a PVC pipe or something round and then apply the dye with a squeeze or spray bottle.

Now that you know the basic steps, it’s time to think about what do you want to use dye on. For upholstery fabrics you need fabric dye, soda ash, white fabric, color-setting detergent, a washing machines and a color wheel.

Depending on the fabric, there are different dyes that you can use. Fiber reactive dyes can be used on cotton, bamboo and other natural fabrics. If you choose a natural fabric (at least 90%) your job will be easier.

If you dye synthetic materials with fiber reactive dyes, the colors will be softened. Before dyeing the fabric, you have to soak it in water and soda ash.

Meanwhile, mix the colors that you want to use, with the help of a color wheel. Mix it well so there are no lumps, make sure the dye is worm and place the fabric. After 4 hours, rinse the fabric. Even if you want to use a washing-machine it is still indicated to pre-rinse it, to avoid staining your washing machine.

In order to dye your napkins, you have to apply a wax resist through a stencil lends, so you will give them a look of high-end textiles. You can add different patterns or colors on the walls.

You only have to use your imagination. Don’t forget about the curtains and pillows. These little details can give your room different styles, from funky to sophisticated, depending on what colors you choose.


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