Stylish Projects for Cool Furniture Makeover

Who said that you can only buy furniture? You also have the possibility to make it in your own, and this way you will also have the satisfaction of having things around you that you have created with little money.

Side table

In case you would like to have a new side table, nothing is simpler. All you need is an adjustable chair and an oversized tray. Then just use a bit of glue to adhere the tray to the top of the stool in order to permanently connect the two objects.

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Bookcase… buffet?

When you are thinking about creating new items for your dining room, you should let your creativity free. If you happen to have a bookcase there is nothing easier than turning it into a custom made store-and-serve buffet.

Hang two bookcases on the wall with the help of anchors and place another one on the floor. The middle one should be hanged at counter height so you could also use it as a serving station.

Comfortable seating

If you are bored with your simple bench at the table, add an upholstered headboard that would add a little spice to the space and it would also make the seating more comfortable. As a finishing touch you could also throw in some pillows for the aesthetics.


A lot of people are constantly looking for new designs and in case you are one of them, you could create a new desk unit. All you have to do is to attach a wood countertop to rolling drawers with the help of metal L brackets. In order to make sure that the unit is safe to use, fasten straight brackets to both the shelf and the countertop.


A lot of people think it otherwise, but the truth is that it is very easy to create a headboard. All you need is a few floor pillows. You should be looking for pillows that are of the same width as your bed when put side by side. Attach several plastic rings to the back of the pillows in a row, close to the upper edge. Install screws or nails on the wall above the bed and hang the pillows.

Go funky

In case you are bored with the old seating, cut it, glue it, make it new. Then just sand, prime and paint and add some colorful cushion and pillows for the new look.


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