Add a Drop of Romance to Your Room

With February and Valentine day coming closer, you should really consider adding a touch of spring to your bedroom.

It is common knowledge that all of us have a romantic bone in our body. So adding a few romantic notes will bring in a positive feeling and the optimism we need.

bedroom decor - rose patternIf you like roses, spreading them all over the room is a good idea.  You won’t have to decimate a garden but dress your walls with flower motif wallpaper. Add a bedcover in the same note, some throwing pillow in joyful red or pink and you will surely get the Valentine air in your bedroom.

bedroom decor - lighter patternIf you are not fond of the classic romantic colors, you can always go for lighter tones, delicate patterns, country style air but also, sheer curtains and lace.

Make sure you pay attention to details such as romantic photo frames, flower vases, rattan storage boxes decorated with ribbons and delicate pieces of furniture.

You should know that vintage and boho-chic items are perfect for the romantic atmosphere. So you can always use these types of elements to insert a romantic air.

Keep in mind that spring time is a romantic time. So spring colors are welcome in your bedroom.


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